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LivingSparks is a crypto legendary creature, which is expected to live in some areas of Europe. The first sighting of the creature may have been in 1986 in Rome, where some witnesses claimed to have seen something "wriggling and churning out of a hospital”.
The only evidence of its existence is a number of disputed artworks, based on digital noises and blurred feedback. It has been spotted frying analog media in electronic visual baths at night in the Trieste-Salario area.

Davide Carbone aka LivingSparks is electronic engineer specialized in research and technological innovation.
His artistic projects all have a common denominator: the relationship between men and machines.
He like understanding how machines think and make decisions, especially from a creative and biological point of view.
Collaborate with various artists with live performance and installations in Europe.
It's possibile to buy his digital artworks in crypto currencies.


Klang, Rome

Sept 2020

Live Cinema Festival - Call 4 Artist Winner - Rome

May 2020

Blooming Festival - Call 4 Artist Winner

Sept 2020

TACT Festival 2020 | Science Edition - Call 4 Artist Winners

Sept 2020

Klang, Rome

Sept 2019

 LPM Live Performers Meeting, Rome - XX edition

May 2019

Covoclub, Rome

Apr 2019


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